Thursday, 4 February 2010

New York, New York!

After a very early flight from Jacksonville to Newark Airport -Nathan and I got the train to Penn Station and met San and Nelson. They had left Florida on Thanksgiving morning to visit Nelson's family for the holiday. They headed back into the city to show us round their beautiful home turf ,over the weekend, before San had to head back to DC for work. We had such a good time with them and we wished that San could have stayed longer. However Nelson was the host with the most and we were so grateful to them for opening their home to us. 
We headed to this fantastic local family run diner for breakfast just round the corner from San and Nelson's apartment. We had a huge breakfast with re fill coffee to feul us for the day! 

Nathan and I loved Brooklyn and we could so imagine living there. After breakfast we went to the farmers market just at the edge of Prospect Park. It was packed full of beautiful looking veggies, fish and tasty treats.
 It was such a lovely crisp winter day.
 Very seasonal. I loved the way the winter sun was casting shadows on the pumpkins.
 Another seasonal snap- I love indian corn- it looks so beautiful with the multitude of colours through it.
 I took loads of snaps of the fruit and veg. I thought I might make it into prints and put them up in our kitchen. (However when I returned home I remembered how small our kitchen is- so maybe in our next house!)
 San and Nelson bought some produce to take back to their apartment for us to have during the week.
 The market was really busy and it was great to see all the Brooklyn residence out enjoying the blue skies. They either seemed to have dogs or babies- or both! I could imagine us living there with our 2 beagles and pushing our baby around the market on a Saturday. It felt so different from Manhatten. I loved Brooklyn.
After the market we went for a long walk around Prospect Park- which is also designed by the same man who designed Central Park in New York. It was like an oasis in the city. You had no idea at some points that you weren't in the middle of the country!

We stopped to take some snaps beside the lake.  
 Nathan and I
 San and Nelson

 San and I
Myself and Nathan's shadow. I even look tall in this snap! I have framed this by our front door in the flat as I love the shapes that we are making.

After walking around Prospect Park and a little bit of Brooklyn Heights we went for coffee and then to the Grocery store and then came back and chilled out at San and Nelson's flat before getting ready for a Saturday night out.
We had the BEST sushi I have ever had- it was SO good! I will have to write in the name of the restaurant later- Nathan kept a diary whilst we were on our holiday so he has all the details of everywhere we went! 
 San and Nathan
Me and Nelson
After dinner we went to the movies and I was persuaded to see a scarey movie, Paranormal Activity.... I however fell fast asleep and so when I woke up near the end the movie didn't seem nearly as scarey as I had missed all the build up!

The movie theatre we went to was an old school cinema with the original layout and fixtures.... I loved it!

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