Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Engagement Drinks- 5th December 2009

Becky and I

As sad as we were to finish our holiday and say goodbye to friends. Nathan and I were so excited about coming home to our friends and family especially as we hadn't seen any of them since we got engaged. Nathan already had a boys night planned for the night of the 5th so as soon as I phoned up my sister at the airport to tell her we were engaged she was firing e-mails around about hosting a girlie engagement night. It was so good to have something to look forward to and she did such a good job of getting everyone together.
Nathan and I sadly missed Becky and Dougie at the airport first thing in the morning when we flew back. They had brought balloons, flowers and a big banner to greet us at 7.30am but our flight got in early and we never saw them :-( Such a lovely idea.
Zara and Becky looking very glamourous
Corinne and I in our blue. 
 Emma Greaney, Corinne, Hannah and Becky
Emma, Me and Hills
 Corinne and Amber
 Emma and Renee
 The Accies Girls- Wendy, Leona, Loreen, Me, Lorna, Emily and Zara.
 Becky made loads of tasty treats for us to eat. By the time I took this shot they had pretty much disappeared.
Look at all these beautiful girls! I have very pretty friends! (l-r) Hillary, Leona, Renee, Zara, Amber, Hannah, Lorna, Loreen, Emily, Becky, Wendy and Emma. Sadly there were a few people who had prior commitments who we missed having there but they all sent lovely messages.
I am definitely on a diet before the wedding! There was all sort of hilarity when the girls tried to lay me across their arms... mmm... not sure that's a good look for me!
I love this fun photo! 
 Becky, Hannah, Me and Hills.
 Me with my sister- the best maid of honour to be in the world!
 After the party at Becky's a few of us headed into town to Lulu to dance the night away on the multicoloured floor. Renee, Becky, Zara and Leona.
Hannah and I. As you can see I clearly had a great night!! 

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