Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Cycling in the City

This was one of my favourite days in New York. The sun was shining and the skys were blue. Nelson had borrowed a couple of bikes from friends so that we could all go for a cycle together. It was awesome and much less scarey than I ever thought. I am so glad I started cycling to work before we made this trip as I don't think I would have had the nerves to do this otherwise, or the fitness!
 Nathan, Me, Nelson and San with the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhatten in the background.
 Smooches for San and Nelson.. too cute!
San took us to this building, which now only has it's red brick walls- in the summer they put up a marquee inside the walls and you can host your wedding reception here. Under the weeping willow tree, behind me is where couples get married, at the foot of the Brooklyn bridge (also in the background)- if only we had an unlimited budget! This was one of my favourite photos of the vacation- I've put this up on the wall too.
 I tried to take a few shots of San and Nelson- we got some good ones but this is my favourite as it's full of character and fun!
 Nathan and I with the Brooklyn Bridge in the background.
 Our bikes as we took a break halfway across the Brooklyn Bridge.
  San and Nelson
 Nathan and I
San and I
We cycled over the Brooklyn Bridge into China Town and Little Italy. Traffic wasn't bad as it moves at a snails pace so you are quite safe. However it was weird cycling down Canal Street seeing all the vendors etc. New York has made such an effort in the last 3 years to make it more cycle safe with lots of new lanes for bikes. If I lived here and stayed in Brooklyn I would definitely cycle to work each day. 

We cycled back over the Manhatten Bridge and then went back into Brooklyn to stop for lunch in a great bar. We even had crayons to draw on the table cloth- obviously for kids but I think we still did a good job.
 Nathan and Nelson
San and I before she headed back to DC for work after a great weeeknd in Brooklyn. 

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