Monday, 15 February 2010

Night time in the City

After our visit to Serendipity Nathan and I walked back to the Lincoln Centre at Columbas Cirle for the switching on of their Christmas lights. On the way back we stumbled on a Crate and Barrell store- I LOVE this store and wish so much that we had one in the UK. We bought quite a few wee treats for our home and others as presents. I could have bought up all of the ground floor!
By the time we got to the Lincoln Centre all their Christmas lights were on and it looked so pretty. They had a number of stall holders with different food for sale and also some craft stalls. I loved the blue lights.
 Nathan and I at the Lincoln Centre.
Indoors they had giant stars that alternated colours. I used this image for some of my Christmas cards this year- the ones that I managed to send out (I was so bad at getting everything done this Christmas)
 A guy was using a chain saw to curve out ice sculptures... they looked brilliant.
We went into Whole Foods, which I feel in love with... I started taking some photos of the gorgeous produce and was promptly told off by a member of staff... so these are the few shots I managed to get.
Cute snowmen
The Lincoln Centre had put on a wooden buggie to take you up Broadway and around their festivities for the evening. I loved seeing all the stores selling trees on the corner of the street. It looked so festive.
 There was a large band with preformers dancing to the music. It was so cold but fun to stop and watch.
Beautiful fountain outside. There were a lot of people going in to the theatre, at the back of the picture dressed in dinner jackets and gorgeous evening dresses.
 Smooches in front of the fountain
After the Lincoln Centre we got the subway down to 34th Street and walked past Macy's and their gorgeous window display. It was set up for Miracle on 34th Street- a movie that I love and watch each year.

 It was late on so there was no queue for the Empire State Building so we went straight up.
We had an amazing view and it looked so magical. My favourite building in New York is the Chrysler Building so it was fantastic to see it light up the nights sky.
 Nathan at the top of the Empire State Building.
Nathan and I at the top of the Empire State Building. 
 More views of below.  
 Nathan looking over to Brooklyn.
 Nathan and I in the lift on the way down.
 I really liked Macy's decorations.
Their Believe sign was wonderful and I loved how bright it was.

What a day! By the time we got back to Brooklyn it was late in the evening and we had been out for about 14 hours on our Manhattan adventure! Exhausting but so magical!

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