Friday, 12 February 2010

Eating our way through the Big Apple!

This was an amazing wee place and the best burgers we had in New York. In the very corner of the Parker Meridien hotel in their posh lobby behind a velvety red curtain is a little burger joint. We couldn't find it at first but then we saw a wee neon sign. Nathan had read about it and we thought we def wanted to go on a wee adventure and find it. Look here for here menu.
 The burger joint was really basic and not what you would expect to be lurking at the back of an expensive hotels lobby. We had cheese burgers and fries with a couple of drinks.
 There is graffiti all over the wall- include famous people's signatures. Although there is now a sign on the wall that reads. 'we don't spit in your food so don't write on our wall!'
 Nathan and I in the Le Parker Meridien on West 56th Street, Manhatten
 After our burgers we walked along to Bloomingdales and as it started to rain we walked through the bottom floor to have a wee peek at their holiday decor.
 I loved the window display of famous couples. The Clauses and The Obamas.
 I loved all the Art Deco architecture in New York and I adored the black and white contrast against this lift.
 Bloomingdales had green and silver as there Christmas colours which were fantastic. I loved the lime greens.

I have ALWAYS wanted to come to Serendipity- even before I saw the movie. Becky & Dougie bought me the recipe book when they were in New York last time and I loved all the deserts. So we decided because we hadn't eaten enough at the burger joint we would have desert at Serendipity. See there website here.
 Me with a very smiley face at Serendipity- 225 East 60th Street 
 We sat downstairs where there were loads of Tiffany lamps on the ceiling.
 Our waiter was brilliant and he took a wee snap of us cuddled up at our table happy to get out the rain.
 Christmas decorations
 I love this shot of Nathan. We had to order the legendary frozen hot chocolate (which is meant to be for two) but we also had desert envy and the ladies next to us had a brilliant looking ice cream sundae- so we had to order one of them too!!
 Enjoying my frozen hot chocolate- Yum!
 We made light work of our deserts!
 But we were so so full!
You'll be glad to know we didn't buy anything here (we were still so full!) but we did look around Dylan's Candy store on 1011 Third Ave., New York at 60th St.
 I LOVED their staircase. It was designed with sweeties in the stairs... it looked amazing.
 jelly sweets and lollipops.
 The candy's in this store were fantastic.... I could have bought so many!

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Lark said...

Fun fun! We are going to NYC in April so we'll definately have to stop by that candy store, and those desserts at Serendipity look awesome! Yum yum!