Friday, 19 February 2010

Wednesday Evening

After a quick shower and change after our cycle we headed back out to Manhattan and met up with Kristin, who sadly couldn't be with us in Florida. It was great to see her and catch up with all her news. She also, somehow had missed out on the news that we were engaged so we had to celebrate that too.
Kristin got us reservations at this AMAZING Italian restaurant- L'Artusi. Which was at 228 West 10th Street, New York, NY 10014-6405, (212) 255-5757.
We loved this restaurant and it was a real treat. Kristin doesn't drink so she had said it was pretty reasonable. If we had had the most expensive items on the menu  (which we didn't) then our food would have been  on average £26 each (not bad) but when you factor in Nathan buying a bottle of wine for 2 times that price- it started to get pricey! I loved my meal though and the wine was AMAZING! We joked that since we hadn't really had an expensive meal out to celebrate our engagement then this could be it- Kristin thought it was hysterical that she was there too- at our engagement dinner!
See their menu here. It makes my month water just looking at it! 
We were also very excited as when we went to leave, at the entrance the hostess was serving glasses of champagne to waiting guests (who were no doubt going to get our table as the place was packed) and you'll never guess... one of those people waiting to be seated was Will Ferrell. We thought it was a good celeb spot especially as we were holding up his table!

After dinner Nathan went to the Highlander Bar, a Scottish Bar- just along from the restaurant- to met friends from Scotland, Kristin and I headed to Magnolia Bakery to sample some of their wares. As you can see their shop is only little but is world famous (mostly due to Sex in the City)
See their menu here.
The bakery doesn't have any seating so we ended up getting a couple of  bags from the store and sitting in the rain in the wee park outside, with Kristin's umbrella covering us. This little area had special meaning for us as 3 years ago we were all sat there together, in the summer of 2006- Lauren, San, Heidi, Kristin and I... We had a wee toast to friendship with our cupcakes and then scoffed them!
Nathan with his friend from Scotland, Chris and his flatmate Maggie- who sings on Broadway. I was (after many a drink) attempting to sing with her... oh! dear! 

After the Highlands Bar, 150 West 10th Street (at the Corner of Waverly), NY, NY 10014 we went to another local bar and then for Pizza. It was a VERY late night and I think Nathan and I got in at 6am to Brooklyn, by way of deepest darkest Brooklyn (we missed our subway stop and got a bit lost!) but we can say that New York is officially the city that never sleeps and nor did we!!  
Sarah, Chris' sister and a guy who works in the Highlands that I spent the whole night calling, Ketchup man.... oh dear! I personally blame the expensive bottle of red for how tiddly I was! 

We had such a good night out though with such fun people it was worth the hangover the next day- well almost!

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