Tuesday, 13 April 2010

4th March- Girlie Catch up and Birthday Evening

I made Hills and Hannah a  lemon drizzle cake. I drizzled it with lemon sugar and stars so it looked a bit more like a Birthday cake! It tasted very good and really moist.
The table laid for the evening. Corinne brought a really tasty salad, I made coconut chicken and we had lots of nibbles that everyone chipped in and brought round.
Singing happy birthday! 

My house has not been very tidy recently due to the amount of hours I have been working but I knew these girls wouldn't mind a few boxes sitting around. It does however make me sad when I see the mess in the background!
Hannah and Hills blow out their candles.
Becky and Corinne.
Hannah, Hillary, Emma, Me and Corinne.
Hannah, Hills, Emma, Corinne and Becky.
I love this photo. Later on in the evening I was showing the girls some of my wedding plans and we had a good look through the magazines that I have collected and bought (I have an entire box that is sitting in our livingroom (more mess, as Nathan would say!) I love that they are all looking through the magazine together and discussing it in great detail.

It was so good to catch up with everyone and have a giggle. Just what the doctor ordered. I love these ladies!

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