Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Mothers Day Afternoon Tea- 14th March

Ingredients for Banana and Walnut Bread.
I used my new French (converted into English) cookbook that I bought in Avoca in Ireland to make one of the cakes. It was really tasty although I am not sure the original recipe I use of this may be my prefered one.
Chocolate Cookie Ingredients. (yes, all that butter goes in!)
Nigella Christmas Chocolate Cookies (that worryingly seem to be becoming a staple in our diets!) There is so much butter in them but they taste DIVINE!
Bannana and Walnut Cake, left over Guiness cake, Chocolate Cookies.
Nathan opening his pressies from Becky and Dougie.
Nathan and my family sat round our livingroom.
My Mum was up for the weekend which was so nice to spend Mother's day with her as usually she is down in London or travelling. We invited everyone in my family round for afternoon tea so that we could catch up. There was more rugby on the TV so everyone enjoyed watching France vs Italy. 

We had such a nice family weekend and really enjoyed being in their company and entertaining. I am missing cooking and baking. I need to get back into cooking more as we have been very bad recently. 

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