Monday, 19 April 2010

Accies Girls Get Together- March 30th

At the end of March it was my turn to host the Accies girls get together. As it was Easter the following Sunday I went for an Easter theme and decorated the house a few days early.
I loved my little decorated tree. Wendy had given me the twigs from her and Ed's garden in their new house.
I had a bird theme for my food. I made coconut chicken, duck with cucumber, spring onion and homemade plum sauce. Then for dessert I made merguine nests with raspberries and also rocky road with mini eggs.
I had intended to decorate cupcakes but ran out of time and so I came up with the plan for the girls to decorate their own cupcakes. This went down really well and they all enjoyed putting the butter icing and sprinkles on and I had a little fluffy chick for the top of each cake!
Vicki, Loreen, Zara (who was just newly engaged and heading off to NYC the next weekend to celebrate with her fiance, Mark- congratulations to both of them!) and Emily, whos bump is looking healthy!
Loreen decorating her cupcake.
Emma, Wendy's sister- Lisa, Wendy, Emily and Lesley.
Zara, Emma, Vicki and Leona.

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