Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Saturday 13th March- Six Nations Scotland vs England

On the Saturday after Nathan's birthday we invited his parents round for lunch and to watch the Scotland vs England rugby on the television. We did have tickets but decided to sell them on and save our money. So we made the best of being at home and made a feast!
Our friend Kristin sent us this BBQ sauce from Hill Country BBQ in NYC. She took us there when we were over and we LOVED it! It was a great Christmas pressie.
Nathan made pork in the slow cooker with the BBQ sauce- it smelled amazing when you opened the lid!
He also made homemade coleslaw- it worked really well.
Nathan then pulled the pork so we could make pulled pork sandwiches- delicious!
The table for lunch. A joint effort as I made dessert- Nathan's birthday cake.

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