Monday, 19 April 2010

Foodie at Holyrood Cupcake class

You will have heard me mention my friend Pete before. He runs Foodieboxes and Foodies at Holyrood. Well they are doing loads of great evening activities out of their cafe and so Hills, Julie and I went along to one of the cupcake classes run by Liggy's Cake Company.
Hillary with 2 of her 4 cupcakes before they were decorated.
Julie at the start of the class- in good spirits!
We were each given 4 cupcakes to decorate. There was blue and green butter icing and 4 colours of fondant icing.
There were about 20 people in the class and the skill level ranged from beginners to people who had done some decorating before. There were a number of Ligg's customers attending who wanted to know her secrets!
Jules with her rolling pin at the ready!
Liggy showed us how to decorate in 4 different themes for Easter. We made roses (my favourite) daffodils, a nest of eggs and small rabbits (my rabbits looked a bit weird!) We used edible glitter too... so much fun!
At the end of the night we got to take home our cupcakes. It was so much fun and I will definitely be going again... anyone want to come to the next one with me?

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