Monday, 25 October 2010

Come Dine With Me- Take 1

We decided that to add a bit of fun to our evening meals... and a little bit of competition into the holiday we would do a 'Come Dine with Me'. Each couple would have to cook for the other 2 couples and we would be scored out of ten for our meal. The categories were: Cocktail, Starter, Main and Entertainment.

Nathan and I were first up. Tried and tested Nathan made his Paella dish that he had made for friends the week before... this time however the veggies were bigger and better as we were in a warm climate.
I made jugs of Sangria as our cocktail and it tasted so good... Brandy, Wine and Fruit... what could be better!? (Actually the other couples cocktails were much better) but I enjoyed our Sangria.
For starter I made a dish my Mum makes... fresh figs, blue cheese and parma ham.... my Mum usually drizzles truffle oil over but Nathan often thinks this makes it too rich... so olive oil did the trick. It was a hit and worked well... although was not too much effort to impress our judges!
Nathan's Paella... always a triumph! The prawns tasted so so good!
Team Landels Pike ready to serve dinner.
After dinner as our entertainment we did a quiz on Spanish facts... I got loads of info off the Internet so was able to put together some fun questions. Chick and Caroline won the coveted prize of Shamu the Whale.
The winners with their prize.
Benji and Catriona. It was quite chilly at night time so we had to wrap up warm when sitting outside.
Benji and Catriona doing their forfeit- a shot of black Aftershock! as they lost the quiz.
Nathan and I at the end of our evening of hosting 'Come Dine with Me.' our night ended up being the most tame as the others was much more alcohol fueled... clearly there wasn't enough brandy in the Sangria!

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