Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Relaxation Day- Friday

In the neighbourhood across from Benji's parents villa is a lovely resort called Aphrodite Hills. We ate at their Restuarant Bar the first night we were in Cypres and they have great facilities.

On the Friday it was due to rain so we scheduled a group day at the Spa in Aphrodite Hills. See it here. It was really fun to be with the boys too. Nathan and I had a Duo Destress massage. We weren't in the same room but it was the same treatment based on an aboriginal massage technique. It was really good.
Nathan after his massage. In the obligatory spa robes.
Part of the deal was that we could use the infinity pool and other facilities before or after our massages. We had to be careful not to sunbathe afterwards as we had massage oil on our skin. The picture above shows Nathan laying by the pool.
The girls at the end of our Spa day. We all had lunch at the Golf Club too.... the girls had wanted to stay and have healthy wraps at the Spa but it just didn't cut it with the boys.... so club sandwiches and wedges were ordered at the Golf Club. The Spa were good enough to let us go away and then come back after lunch. It was such an enjoyable day.
After the Spa day we played tennis at Aphrodite Hills in the evening. I was very impressed with Nathan's serve.... very fast indeed... I think we might have to play tennis together more next summer.
Caroline and Benji playing tennis as the sun goes down over Aphrodite Hills.
Me umpiring the game! It was a great spot in the Umpire chair as you could see over the hills to the sea and the setting sun.
Nathan smiling up at me. We actually took 2 tennis rackets with us all the way to Cyprus in Nathan's suitcase but Chick went down to check out the kite surfing situation at the beach and drove off with them in the car! So we ended up having to pay to rent rackets after all and only ever played the once! Oh well we had a good time when we did play.

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