Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Come Dine with Me- Take 2

Each evening we would usually be back from adventuring or be ready to watch the sun go down with a glass of Gin and Tonic or a beer. It looked so beautiful from the villa as you could see the sun disappear into the sea.
Some evenings Catriona and I and then Caroline as well would do Clan Fitness training whilst the sun went down. The coolest part of the day. We really enjoyed this activity and with Nathan's fitness instructor guidance I felt I made a good start to getting fit for the wedding... and beyond!
The picture does it no justice but Benji and Catriona made delicious fish stuffed with a breadcrumb mixture and also yogurt... it was very tasty.
For main they made a traditional Greek dish of Roasted Lamb, Red Onion and Lime accompanied by cous cous and Greek Salad.... it was really good and much better than the lamb I had in the restaurant on the Friday night.
My favourite part of Benji and Catriona's meal- in fact any of the meals was the espresso martinis that they made for after dinner. They were AMAZING! I will be making these a lot I think!
For Benji and Catriona's entertainment they did a drinking game called 'Can I have a pound of bacon please.' I had never played this before. First they put 18 (3 each) pieces of paper into a pint glass. Each had an international accent written on it- 'Irish' 'Norwegian' 'Italian' 'Cockney' etc.... The idea is that each person pulls one out and in the accent that is written on your piece of paper you have to say 'Can I have a pound of bacon please.' It was so so funny! The group then judge if your accent was passable... which most were not! After you have done it 3 times each and if we were anything to go by have drunk a lot of shots! Each person writes 3 more... the catch this time is you have to write your initials on top of the paper with your chosen accent on it. So if someone picks your chosen accent and can't do it you have to say it perfectly or else you do a shot as well.... I think this will be being played many times again!
Benji and Catriona with their Espresso Martinis. A very successful 'Come Dine with Me.'
Every time Caroline attempted 'Can I have a pound of Bacon please' in any language it sounded like she was Pakistani..... this was a really fun game and once you got over the initial embarrassment and realised everyone else was making a fool of themselves too the game really gets going.

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Kristin Lea Robinson said...

Your trip looks amazing! :) I hope you are doing well! All that delicious food made me hungry! ;)