Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Kite Surfing

Catriona, Caroline and Benji standing on the beach where all the kite surfers set up their kit. There were a few classes happening when we were there as it was a Saturday afternoon.
 It was great seeing all the kite surfers out on the water. There were about 8 out on the water. My camera couldn't take great shots of them but Benji and Catriona took some good pictures on their camera.
Chick with Caroline who was helping him to get his kite in the air. Chick brought all his kit with him in a big black travel sports bag (like you see the snowboarders have) it was really cool to watch him speed along the surface of the water. Unfortunately it isn't something you can just have a go at- you need instruction for a couple of days. I would have loved a shot. I love waterski-ing and it would have been great to try.
Chick speeding along the water. He went really quickly and I couldn't believe how far out he travelled from the shore.
The instructor who was taking the class along from where Chick set up. He could do some impressive jumps.... not that many good landings though but to be fair it looked very tough!
Chick's kite and board with the pebble beach and kite surfers in the water in the background. I was really glad we went down to check it out as I had never seen kite surfing before apart from on Red Bull promo videos. It was pretty cool.

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