Monday, 25 October 2010

More Day 3 in Cyprus!

When we were in the Troodos mountains we went on a short walk up to the Caledonian Waterfalls. It was lovely and peaceful until a bus load of British tourists arrived!
 After the tourists were gone Nathan and I went for a cool down in the waterfalls... it was freezing!
At the waterfalls was a female cat and her 4 kittens... 2 of them are pictured here. They were much cuter than the other stray cats in Cyprus (and there are many!) so I was convinced they were like the Disney Aristocats- lost from the Presidents Summer Residence which was close by.
Benji and Catriona were sensible and stayed dry! It was good to get out and stretch our legs on the walk.
The landscape did look very similar to that of Scotland (just the temperature was quite different) My least favourite part of the walk was when Benji saw a snake and then Nathan scared me by pretending to be the snake and frightened the life out of me as he brushed past my leg!! eeek! I don't do reptiles!
BBQ in the evening. We had loads of tasty salads, cooked meats and spicy potato wedges. A good group effort for dinner on Caroline and Chick (the 3rd couples) first night.
I loved all the fish we grilled on the BBQ. On the Tuesday night we had Tuna Nicose with Tuna Steaks grilled on the BBQ. Yum!

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