Saturday, 29 September 2012

4s Rugby & Argentinian BBQ

(I need to work out how to put the images in the correct order on the iPad app as they are all mixed up)

Last weekend Nathan played his first game of rugby in 9 months. It was for the 4s- which now consists of a lot of the guys Nathan used to play with 5- 6 years ago but they now have work and family commitments that means they can't train or play every week.

It was like a crèche on the sideline with babies a plenty which made for a lovely family atmosphere.

Ed plays for the 4s quite often and I loved seeing Katie watch her Daddy on the pitch. At the end of the match she walked on to the field and made her way through the line when the boys clapped each other off the pitch- it was very cute!

Ed's brother Tom (who lives in Edinburgh) and eldest brother Jamie (who lives in England with his wife Tere and baby Toia) also played. They were missing Charlie- the youngest of the Stuart boys. I love the picture of the Stuart boys and their beautiful girls.

Afterwards the boys cooked a proper Argentinian BBQ at the club- they had even been to the butchers to get the proper meat cuts and had sweet breads (definitely an acquired taste!)

It was nice to be back down at the club again- even if a little cold- I forgot how cold it gets standing on the sidelines!

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