Thursday, 20 September 2012

Miss Bluebelle (Bb)

So here's hoping my first post with images goes well. They don't seem to be loading up in the right order but here is hoping!

The newest news around here is that I got a little kitten. I have wanted one for the longest time so when my sister was over from Oz she accompanied me to pick up my crazy little ball of fur!

I will have to download the images on my phone of when we went to see her at 7 weeks old- she was very little.

We got her just after 8 weeks old and she has been a pleasure from day one- she used her litter tray straight away, eats well, is VERY playful but also SUPER cuddly and has been great with our friends and even their very playful kids.

The latest development is that she loves to lay round my neck or on my chest. It is very cute!

I love having a wee furry face to come home to and look after.

So prepare yourself for a lot more Bb pictures! (she's currently trying to pad the iPad too!)

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