Saturday, 29 September 2012

Olympics Parade

One of the most fantastic events that happened over this summer was of course The Olympics in London- I loved watching them. There were so many inspiring stories and great highlights. I was so proud of all of our GB athletes.

A few weeks ago I was therefore delighted to be working on an event- through work- to welcome home our Scottish athletes who were part of team GB and the Paralympic team. Just as local towns and cities had events up and down the country Glasgow welcomed our Olympic and Paralympic athletes home and showed our pride and gratitude.

I was quite stars truck especially when cyclist Sir Chris Hoy arrived.... And his lovely thighs! ;-)

I also loved seeing the Stella McCartney designed team kit up close- I loved the girls jackets which were nipped in at the waist with a lovely tie at the back (pretty flattering but then the athletes all have great bodies!)

I thought the Royal Mail's marketing team did a great job around the Olympics- for those of you that are from the States- they painted a mail box gold in the home towns of each of the Gold Medal athletes. Each gold medal team or individual then got a First Class stamp made of their photograph. At the Olympic Parade event each gold medalist was given their stamp as an enlarged board- there were over 10 in total from Scotland. We also recreated a gold post box for photo opportunities- which was a big hit. (My colleague Ailsa and I are photographed below)

We didn't have long to pull the event together but it was a privilege to be involved and say thank you for the amazing effort and dedication the athletes put into their sports in the run up to and also at the Olympics.

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