Saturday, 22 September 2012


I have been unwell for the last week. It started a week past Thursday when I thought I had a cold and it then progressed into full- I can't even move my head off the pillow- flu!

I finally went to the Doctors a few days ago (i don't really like taking too many medicines but as you can see below i have stocked up) and have antibiotics so it should clear up but she said to expect to feel rubbish for at least another 2-3 weeks till I am fully recovered! Boo!

Bb has however been loving having a companion to snuggle up with. I have been a bit like a cat (yesterday for example I slept from 9am-1 then again from 2-7pm and then a full night from 11-7.30!)

I need to get fit and eat healthier 'cos I can't keep being ill.

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