Saturday, 29 September 2012


I am trying to set manageable tidying/ decluttering goals for myself until early next year so I can get the flat organised. Little by little.

I have been holding on to too many items that I really don't need- it's cluttering up my life. I need to let go- give items to charity, put things on eBay and use up those items in the back of drawers.

The picture below is of the cards I have bought for people but never sent over the last year :-( they were amongst the pile of paperwork I sorted through. So I have now added them to my drawer of cards and stationary and I am not allowed to buy any new cards till I use these ones up!

I will get there...... then I just have to sort the last of my Grandma's flat ready for sale and finally move my remaining items from my Mum's house. Not too much then!

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