Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Couples night out!

For Jamie (Hendy's) Birthday some of the 'Accies' couples plus some of Jamie's friends went out for dinner. Unfortunately Nathan didn't tell me about it in time so I had booked in babysitting but I went along to the pre dinner drinks at Cargo. From the colour of my face you can see how much I was dashing around (and how much sun I got sitting in the garden with Hils!)

It was great to see everyone and catch up on their news!!...(us girlies have been missing out on our sideline gossiping during the boys games!!) I was sad to miss out on dinner but Nathan kindly (mmm..!) brought them all back to ours at 2am for drinks so I saw everyone again... but not looking quite so fresh faced as these pictures!! ;-P

From the Top: All the boys!; Nathan and I; Ed and Wendy; Mark and Zara; Dan and Emily; The birthday boy, Jamie and Lorna; All the girlies!;

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