Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Spring has Sprung!!

Saturday afternoon Hilary and I had a brilliant time!
Firstly we went to the portrait gallery- I'd noticed earlier with Nathan that an exhibition I'd wanted to see was ending the next day... it was so inspiring... portraits of different styles painted for a competition... the winner was amazing... it was a photo realism style (I've hunted on the internet but I can't find it!) It was a portrait of an older man and you could see every wrinkle and even the water in his eyes... amazing!!

Then we walked up to St Andrew's Square where they have just redone the gardens- making them public access... so beautiful!! They have now added a small pond and seating... we had tasty cupcakes and I had a refreshing iced tea and we soaked up the sun! (The first I think I've seen all year!!)

Hooray to the arrival of spring!!! ...... and great afternoons with good friends!! (we even managed to bump into Emma H on the way home and had a good old catch up with her too!!)

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Vicki said...

Spring looks BEAUTIFUL there!!