Thursday, 17 April 2008


I am feeling really good that (minus the shelves- which don't arrive until June!! Boo hiss!) the back bedroom is all decorate and looks beautiful!! It is so tranquil and I am loving sitting in here! My mind feels free and I realized it's because it's not full of junk!!

The rest of the house is a mess and so I'm going to set myself a challenge for the next week... declutter!! This is a huge job for me as I am a massive hoarder! But I realize yesterday when Nathan asked if he could bring his electric organ from his parents into the back bedroom that I am taking up so much space!! .. there is no room for all his belongings! So I am going to try and sort through all my clothes and 50+ pairs of shoes and try really hard... hey I may even make some money on e-bay or at a car boot sale!

I read this on the i-village website!! It will be my mantra for the next week... or as long as it takes me to clear out our home!!

'We've grown up in a society where what we have is more important than what we do or who we are. The result is that the average person has twice as many possessions as their parents did. Our houses are crammed full of things and there is always something else we absolutely must have. But how much of this stuff is actually useful?

For the average person, 80 per cent of all possessions are only used 20 per cent of the time, if at all. Most of this excess junk could be chucked away and our lives would be none the poorer - precisely the opposite, in fact. The truth is, clutter wastes our time, increases stress, drains our finances, and it can even sap our energy and motivation in life - according to practitioners of Chinese medicine, too much junk around us stops the flow of energy (chi), leaving us feeling sluggish.'

I want to go from clutter to tranquil and relaxed!


Heidi said...

Can I see a post of your 50-plus shoes!!!! Another thing I love so much about you. Good luck this week!!!

Anonymous said...

hi jen
canyou come and declutter my house when you're done?!!
sorry haven't been in touch recently - aiming to rectify that next week
miss you xxx

Vicki said...

I know you can do it!!! Have fun!!