Friday, 18 April 2008

Thursday Part 1

I had to take a break from de-cluttering yesterday- truth be told I spend more time looking at it all- hands on hips wondering- 'how will I ever get this done!!!'

But Pete was in the studio with The Foodie Company's design team, Klaklak. He was making a corporate video for the website and potential investors and he asked me to say a few words- it's really nerve racking!

At first I mumbled and found it weird to be in front of the camera- but then I remembered my days in TV productions at Terry Parker High and so I went away and wrote a script. I came backin and in one take got it nailed!! Hooray! I really enjoyed it once I got into it and I wished I could have done it more!!

One thing though..... no offence to Pete... but both of us on camera looked like we like our food!! I guess it shows we are passionate foodies!! ... but I am going to the gym today... and every day hereafter!!! (mmmm... well see how long that lasts!!)

So I'll keep you posted on when the video will be up on the website and you can laugh at my serious business side!!....... I think I used my posh voice and everything!!! ;-)


Heidi said...

I can't wait to see the video. You are quite the 'broadcaster'!!

Vicki said...

Looking forward to the video, but you are great!