Friday, 25 April 2008

Evening walks!

On Monday night it was Nathan's Mum, Lily's birthday. Since we don't have a car at the moment we walked up to her house to deliver her gifts. As much as I complained about the walk on the way!! I ended up really enjoying it and taking in an evenings sunset I would have missed otherwise!

We walked along the cycle path which is a converted tram track and over the water of leith. It was very peaceful and once we were up by his parents house we walked past some beautiful gardens... magnolia trees... which I LOVE!! and loads of gorgeous spring flowers!!

Lily had been at her aerobics class but we had cups of tea and some cake- I bought her a candle that when you light it it sings happy birthday... it was meant to stop when you blew it out.... but we couldn't get it to stop singing for anything!!

She loved her gifts and Nathan and I had had a nice chance to catch up with each other! He was telling me stories all about what him and his friends in the neighbourhood used to get up to!! ;-)

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