Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Foodie Boxes!

Whilst I am looking for my perfect job I am doing some consultancy work for my good friend Pete McLean. [My ideal job would be working for him full time but his business is just starting out!... he can't afford me quite yet!! ;-)]

Please have a nose at the foodieboxes website!

Foodieboxes launched in December 2007, providing new, exclusive and funky Scottish food hampers. Their wee Foodies have been out searching and tasting for the very best products Scotland has to offer

There are loads of exciting plans for this year and each time I meet with him I feel the momentum building!! It's so so exciting! We are going to be at the Highland Show, the foodie festival, The Good Food Show and Country Living Fair.

I'm loving being part of such a young innovative, enthusiastic company!! ... and tomorrow I get to say so on the company video he is creating!! Muchos fun!!

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Heidi said...

I checked out this website and it looks so fun!! I wish I could understand how much they cost!! You will have to teach me about the money conversion!! Love you!!