Friday, 18 April 2008

Thursday Part 2

After my filming Hilary came and picked me up. We had a great Starbucks chat in town and then did some perfume shopping- Hil's was getting a new perfume in Jo Malone (it is so lovely in there!) ......... such a treat!

She kindly took me to the Supermarket...(I had to return my company car when I left Brandbeat and I thought there is not much point in buying one as my next job may also come with a company car. I am enjoying walking places and we are so central but even being in the city centre I miss my car so much - especially when I have to go and get groceries

So to say thank you and as a chance to catch up I made us Paella and a tasty Rasberry Pistacho Merguine Pie (I'll post the recipe!) It was fun as Hil's was my Soux chef cutting all my veggies for me and I really had my spirits lifted!! It's amazing that good food and great friends can do that!

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