Friday, 25 April 2008

Rugby Family!

Sometimes when you are standing on the side of the rugby pitch supporting in the pouring rain and freezing cold you often wonder why you are there at all!! But looking at the pictures here from the Melrose Sevens (an all day seven aside tournament that happens every year) it reminds me why. I love that my family supports our rugby boys!!

Both my sister's boyfriend, Dougie and Nathan play in the Rugby 1st Division. They are both really dedicated and it is more than just a hobby. We spend a lot of our lives at rugby games and dinners supporting the clubs. I also have a feeling that I will be involved with the club as Nathan and I get older and our family grows!

It is so much fun going to games. Dougie and Becky are great at supporting Nathan and likewise if Nathan has an away game too far away I will go and watch Dougie. The best games are when they play each other!! They have two scheduled games against each other a season!! much fun!

Sadly Dougie's team lost in the Semi Final of the National Cup last weekend... but we were all there to cheer him on!!

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Heidi said...

I absolutely love your 'rugby girl' life......actually, I love everything about your life and I am loving your blog!!