Monday, 13 October 2008

Columbia (12 Meter US-16)

Our group getting ready to go on the Columbia: Dougie, Becky, My Dad, Me, Kerry, Mia, Chris and My Mum.
My Dad in his waterproof gear that we got him for Christmas- usually only used on his wee dinghy.
My sister and I. Thankfully I brought two waterproof jackets so Bex could borrow one and keep her dry. She was really chilly but then we had only arrived the day before and were pretty jet lagged.

Chris Janney and Mia.

Kerry and Mum.

Becky and Dougie cuddled up trying to keep toasty. Dougie had his shorts on- very brave!!

We sailed up to these two class 12's that were racing each other- they had wooden masts and gorgeous cream sails- they looked so old school. We watched them race all the way under this bridge. As our skipper said it's kind of like a game of chess... move to soon and you might regret it. It's so tactical it was quite hard to follow at times but they were so beautiful on the water!
Holding myself up on ropes and any surface I could!! Thank goodness for the waterproof trousers!
Dad and Dougie grinding the spinniker (not sure that's spelt right!) It looked like hard work and they pretty much ended up in the water each time as the boat would tilt to almost 90*!!!

We sailed up beside this class 12 so our skipper could arrange with the skipper of this boat when they were leaving on Thursday to sail down to New York together to compete in a sailing competition. (I think it was New York) they seem to have a great community with all the 12's that sail out of Newport. It is also a great shot as it gives you an idea of what we looked like!

Looking up to the sails of Columbia-

In 1958 a new class of sailboats, the 12 Meter class, was introduced as the racing class of the America's Cup. Off the coast of Newport, Rhode Island sleek and fast, Columbia (12 Meter US-16), stunned its competition with a sweeping win of the first 12 Meter America's Cup, proving that 12 Meters were justifiable competitors in the coveted America's Cup! To find out more information on the Columbia and it's history click here.
The Columbia as we docked in Banisters Wharf, Newport after a great 4 hours sailing!

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Vicki said...

Great pictures--fun to see your whole family. Everyone looks great!!! It looked pretty rough at times!?