Thursday, 23 October 2008


I don't know whether it was the ferries leaving the Wood's Hole Terminal to travel to Martha's Vineyard that woke me up so early- they started at 6am! But every morning we were on vacation I was up at least before 7- sometimes before 6!! ..... at first I thought it was jet lag but it stuck with me all vacation!!
The benefit of this however was that I could take my coffee/ tea down to our little dock and enjoy the peace and tranquality. Also my Dad tended to be up before everyone else also and we had some nice early morning chats.
Once everyone was up and about my Mum made breakfast for us all- we ate pancakes/ french toast with bacon and maple syrup pretty much each day!! (So not healthy!!) But so enjoyable!!
Above is a shot of my breakfast one of the mornings we went out to eat. We all agreed it was the best place for breakfast in Woods Hole or Falmouth- 'Mongers' short for Fishmongers... the best time to go was 9am as that is when the work men working on the town's bridge stopped drilling!!

On Becky and Dougie's last day on holiday we got up early and went in the pouring rain (Hurricane Kyle had brought some rain.. my dad and I even have on our waterproof trousers in this photo!!) and we went to Betsy's dinner in Falmouth... Old school proper dinner... it was good fun but I only had a bagel as it was getting ridiculous the amount of big breakfasts I'd had!!


Anonymous said...

You are so incredibly boring

Jennie Landels said...

Well 'anonymous' if I am that boring you don't need to read the blog!... or leave a comment!!!