Monday, 13 October 2008

Lunch with Lucy and Wendy!

Before I headed back down to London I managed to catch up with my friend Lucy and her best friend Wendy.

Lucy and I worked together in Beluga (a bar and restaurant) when I first moved back to Edinburgh after University. She was training as she was moving into Management for the company who owned the bar/ restaurant and had to do a stint in the bar. I was going through interviews and working in the restaurant. She then moved into her position at the same time as I started my first job- with LIQUIDe, 5 and a half years ago!! (Scary!) We used to meet up for lunches and could vent to each other about our new working lives!!

Lucy now lives in Australia where she has been for 3 years- time really does fly by!! She was back for a month and I hadn't thought I would see her... but thankfully I managed too- all be it too briefly!! How can you catch up properly over a lunch!!?? But it was great to see her and Wendy. They have an amazing friendship and if there is such a think as soul mates I think they might be each others!! They are so funny together... and Wendy talks more than I do!! I think poor Lucy hardly got a word in over lunch between Wendy and I!!!

But it is so great to know that even when friends live on the other side of the world- you have been through things together that mean there will always be a bond there and it is so easy to pick up where you left off!!

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