Monday, 13 October 2008

Flying visit to Edinburgh before my Holiday!

I am sure he is going to love me for this post!! But hey ho!! I'll cook him a nice tea tonight and hopefully he'll forgive me!!
Two days before I was due to fly out to America on holiday I was asked to go to a second interview for a company I would really like to work for up in Edinburgh. This was great as it meant I had an excuse to leave London a day early and stay with Nathan for two nights. It was pretty whirlwind but I loved being back in Edinburgh.

I left the flat early on the Saturday with Nathan who was on his way to get his (very long) hair cut! He was showing off his new bike.

He cycles to work and back every day- 2.5 miles each way. His new bike was purchased through the cycle to work scheme that the government have set up to encourage us to get fit and be a healthy nation. They pay half of the cost and the rest is deducted off your salary over 18 months... just like tax. It works out really well. I think his bike is pretty flash- it looks a bit like night rider- with the black and touches of red!!

I was able to catch up with Nathan once he was back from the hairdressers but I then had to get going as was meeting friends before I flew back down to London to go to the States... whirlwind indeed!! What do you think of his new haircut! I love his hair being longer but maybe the before shot is a little too long!!

to be fair to him he had just woken up in this before picture!! But that hair is long!!!

Much better!! Looking very handsome and smiley!!

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Vicki said...

He looks like a totally different person--I like the short better...More handsome that way!