Thursday, 23 October 2008

Martha's Vineyard and the start of Autumn!

I have always wanted to go to Martha's Vineyard ever since my friend Lauren's Mum, Linda McDaniels introduced me to the wonderful world of Susan Branch.
She is a fantastic woman who's life I would adore!! I enjoy a lot of similar things as her! But she spends half her year in Martha's Vineyard in a beautiful home where she paints watercolours and creates books on cooking and lifestyle living.... I adore escaping into her world of creating a home, her recipes and fabulous quotes!! I have often thought it would be fantastic to be the Scottish Susan Branch!! My house would be on the west coast of Scotland however and I would spend my morning walking in the beautiful scenery with my beagles to then return home to sit in my studio at the bottom of the garden and paint all afternoon before preparing a meal for Nathan and our children!! (maybe one day!!) If you too would like to escape into Susan Branch's world click here!

I couldn't help but think of Susan Branch as we took this photo in Oaks Bluff, Martha's Vineyard. Whilst we were taking the photo an entire flock of geese flew over- it was breathtaking! As the waiter had my camera at the time I was unable to take a photo of them I thought I'd missed out... but when i picked up this batch of photos I discovered he had captured them!! (top left)

Susan Branch has a quote in her Autumn book regarding the end of summer being signalled by the geese flying over!! And you know what I think she is right! Because we also spotted this conker tree in Vineyard Haven!! And a couple of days after this beautiful day the weather changed also as we got the tail end of Hurricane Kyle.

On this trip to the Vineyard we went to Oaks Bluff anf Vineyard Haven- each town was so different as was Edgertown which we visited with my relatives the next week. I loved the shops in Vineyard Haven but adored the gingerbread house in Oaks Bluff... I def want a multi coloured house! They look so cute and quirky! All the houses surround this meeting house.

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Vicki said...

Those old victorian homes have so much character. Wouldn't it be great to live in one. I must get one of Susan Branch's books. I am sure I will enjoy it!! Thanks