Monday, 13 October 2008

Pirates- Ahoy there Matey!!

Before we went to the States on holiday my Mum had planned the trip on the Columbia for us and her friends and Colleagues in the States. There was a lot of banter on e-mails before hand as both my Mum and Dougie wanted to be pirates when they were little.
I had thought our sailing experience would be a lot more sedate and would involve sailing into the sunset with gin and tonics in our hands- as you can see from the photos not so!!

Therefore I kept my little surprise until after our trip. I'd considered bringing everything out at lunch but we dinned in a beautiful elegant restaurant and thought it not really appropriate. Unfortunately for the restaurant we went back there for coffee and to warm up after we arrived back on the wharf and so ended up sitting at their bar dressed in some very bizarre costumes!!!
Becky and Dougie making pirate faces!! I got Dougie and my Mum pirate bandannas and inflatable parrots as they were the chief pirates- or pirate captains- if you prefer!! Lots of fun!!!
Mia and Kerry with their Pirate gear on!! There was a promise of driving all the way back to Boston with it on.. but I'm not too sure if that happened!!
I think I look about 5 here!! Best anti ageing formula- wear a pirate outfit after 4 hours in the fresh sea air!! So if anyone wants to dress as a pirate for Halloween I still have a few hats and eye patches left over....

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Vicki said...

Not 5, but maybe about 12 years old!