Monday, 13 October 2008

Woods Hole, MA

Well I have SO so many photos from my holiday in Cape Cod- it's going to be hard to summarize!!

The house my Mum rented was beautiful!! So stunning! It was right on the water- about 2 houses down from the ferry terminal in Woods Hole that goes to Martha's Vineyard.

The view of our house from the Ferry. It was on two levels and had alot of out door space to sit out and enjoy the weather. We also had our own little peeble beach and jetty.

Above is the local bakery in Woods Hole- on the first morning my Dad and I went down to get breakfast for everyone. You can see my Dad behind the Open sign.

Woods Hole is totally franchise free (loved that!!) You could even buy a bumper sticker to support it! About 3 miles away was another little village, Falmouth- which was very quaint and like a New England village should look.

I could honestly move to Cape Cod tomorrow! It is alot different to other parts of the states that I have been to... it's pretty Liberal, very few big chains and just beautiful!! The sunsets were stunning!! I have never seen anything like it!!
This was the view from the house on the first evening that Becky, Dougie and I arrived.

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