Wednesday, 30 April 2008

The Wonderful World of Promo Work!!

Well so far it's been an exhausting week! After my lovely Saturday and marathon babysitting last week I started a marathon of promotional work this week!!

On Sunday (after being kept awake by Nathan bringing everyone back on Saturday night (not their fault but his!!) I got the 8am train through to Glasgow to do the Tesco Taste festival for Tennents beer- 1885.. it was actually quite good fun. Pictured are Louise, the National Account Manager and David, my Event Manager. There were loads of Scottish brands there and I even bumped into a few old friends from Tesco... (should have printed out some business cards to take along!!)

Then on Tuesday I began 5 days of team leader work for Race for Life... for Cancer Research UK... I have a 5 girl team and we are handing out packs on the Race for Life venues for this summer in Scotland... It's a 5k race (3. something miles!) We are targeting only woman from 7.30am- 5.30pm in the streets of Edinburgh... we are trying to get as many ladies involved as possible.. and they want to raise £3 million. (Here's hoping!)

Yesterday was glorious and I even got a bit sunburnt... all the freckles are well and truly out!! But today was awful!! I had 5 miserable girls who were sick of being in the wet and cold!!- I tried to keep their spirits up but one girl gave up and went home!! - not good for team moral!! But we got through it!!

I have a whole new team tomorrow... new enthusiastic workers!! .. but apparently it is meant to rain again tomorrow!!

I also had my 3rd informal interview for the ad agency job today (after my 10 hour stint in the rain!!) I have to go back on Tuesday to meet with them again in a more official capacity. I have a presentation on a fictitious brief to complete for then.. so after finishing my PR stint on Saturday I will be working on this over the weekend... the job sounds so exciting so I have my fingers crossed!! They are lovely people and I can so imagine working with them... but I don't want to get too excited!

So I'm wishing for no rain for the rest of the week and good luck in my interview on Tuesday!!

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Couples night out!

For Jamie (Hendy's) Birthday some of the 'Accies' couples plus some of Jamie's friends went out for dinner. Unfortunately Nathan didn't tell me about it in time so I had booked in babysitting but I went along to the pre dinner drinks at Cargo. From the colour of my face you can see how much I was dashing around (and how much sun I got sitting in the garden with Hils!)

It was great to see everyone and catch up on their news!!...(us girlies have been missing out on our sideline gossiping during the boys games!!) I was sad to miss out on dinner but Nathan kindly (mmm..!) brought them all back to ours at 2am for drinks so I saw everyone again... but not looking quite so fresh faced as these pictures!! ;-P

From the Top: All the boys!; Nathan and I; Ed and Wendy; Mark and Zara; Dan and Emily; The birthday boy, Jamie and Lorna; All the girlies!;

Spring has Sprung!!

Saturday afternoon Hilary and I had a brilliant time!
Firstly we went to the portrait gallery- I'd noticed earlier with Nathan that an exhibition I'd wanted to see was ending the next day... it was so inspiring... portraits of different styles painted for a competition... the winner was amazing... it was a photo realism style (I've hunted on the internet but I can't find it!) It was a portrait of an older man and you could see every wrinkle and even the water in his eyes... amazing!!

Then we walked up to St Andrew's Square where they have just redone the gardens- making them public access... so beautiful!! They have now added a small pond and seating... we had tasty cupcakes and I had a refreshing iced tea and we soaked up the sun! (The first I think I've seen all year!!)

Hooray to the arrival of spring!!! ...... and great afternoons with good friends!! (we even managed to bump into Emma H on the way home and had a good old catch up with her too!!)

Monday, 28 April 2008

Saturday Morning!

Nathan and I had a lovely Saturday morning!!

Rugby season is pretty much over- so there were no games to get ready for or for me to watch!

We had woken really early and went into town for breakfast at urban angel- so tasty! Fresh, organic healthy food... we sat in the table by the window pictured at the bottom left and had a great catch up.

Then we went round the shops to pick fabric for the back bedroom blind. Nathan's aunt is going to make all our curtains and blinds for us.

It was so nice to wonder round the shops together and not be dashing anywhere! .. although we did have to be back at 2.30 so Nathan could watch the semi final of the Heineken Rugby cup!
But I then spent the afternoon with Hilary... more about that later!

Friday, 25 April 2008

Rugby Family!

Sometimes when you are standing on the side of the rugby pitch supporting in the pouring rain and freezing cold you often wonder why you are there at all!! But looking at the pictures here from the Melrose Sevens (an all day seven aside tournament that happens every year) it reminds me why. I love that my family supports our rugby boys!!

Both my sister's boyfriend, Dougie and Nathan play in the Rugby 1st Division. They are both really dedicated and it is more than just a hobby. We spend a lot of our lives at rugby games and dinners supporting the clubs. I also have a feeling that I will be involved with the club as Nathan and I get older and our family grows!

It is so much fun going to games. Dougie and Becky are great at supporting Nathan and likewise if Nathan has an away game too far away I will go and watch Dougie. The best games are when they play each other!! They have two scheduled games against each other a season!! much fun!

Sadly Dougie's team lost in the Semi Final of the National Cup last weekend... but we were all there to cheer him on!!

Evening walks!

On Monday night it was Nathan's Mum, Lily's birthday. Since we don't have a car at the moment we walked up to her house to deliver her gifts. As much as I complained about the walk on the way!! I ended up really enjoying it and taking in an evenings sunset I would have missed otherwise!

We walked along the cycle path which is a converted tram track and over the water of leith. It was very peaceful and once we were up by his parents house we walked past some beautiful gardens... magnolia trees... which I LOVE!! and loads of gorgeous spring flowers!!

Lily had been at her aerobics class but we had cups of tea and some cake- I bought her a candle that when you light it it sings happy birthday... it was meant to stop when you blew it out.... but we couldn't get it to stop singing for anything!!

She loved her gifts and Nathan and I had had a nice chance to catch up with each other! He was telling me stories all about what him and his friends in the neighbourhood used to get up to!! ;-)

Thursday, 24 April 2008


I have been going through a lot of interviews in the last month- all for recruitment agents- who are trying to find me the perfect job! But a lot of the time it feels like they are just trying to fill vacancies!! .. and it's not about matching the right people to the job! It is really tiring telling people over and over about your role in your previous company and it's so hard to keep it fresh.

Yesterday I had an informal meeting with a lovely lady at an Ad agency and she was so honest and open... and complimentary. There is no vacancies in her company for the moment but it really gave my confidence a much needed boost!

I am finding it hard as I am not a graduate starting out and I am not at executive level... it's that in between where I want to keep the same salary/ level as I was on before but I also need to get in the door! I don't want to have to undersell myself.

So fingers crossed! I am babysitting my little heart out and I have a lot of PR work lined up. So along with my consultancy work it should keep my head above the water!

I'll be sure to keep you all up dated!

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Domestic Goddess!!

Well, I'm still in the midst of house de-cluttering!

Today is ironing day!! Our iron broke about a month or so ago so all the stuff that was clean would get taken off the drying rack and added to the pile!! (we don't have a dryer so it's all line dried) ..... but as Oprah's Earth Day show said- that saves a whole lot of energy!!

I feel like I've been a total domestic goddess today!

I have set up camp in front of the TV and watched Oprah and Rachel Ray so far and have a whole lot more TV planned for my marathon iron!!... I get to watch TV and do my chores too!

It's actually quite enjoyable making time to get your house in order!

Friday, 18 April 2008

Raspberry Pistacho Meringue Pie

For my American friends I am going to have to work out the conversions for this pie!! Sorry if they are not exact!

This recipe comes from Sophie Mitchell- from cook yourself thin. It was in my Grazia magazine that I got through the door yesterday morning. I have cooked loads of the cook yourself thin girls recipes from the first series of their show. The idea is that you don't have to deny yourself the dishes you really enjoy; simply adjusting or swapping a few ingredients can make them weight friendly.

Lemon Meringue Pie is an old favourite, but she's made it super easy by pilling fresh raspberries high into the case, instead of lemon curd. She says the secret to good meringue is fab ingredients like organic eggs (I just used free range) and making sure your mixing bowl is clean and cool. Be careful not too over whip either. Stop when you can drag the spoon across the surface and it leaves a trail.

  • Cooking Time: 40 mins
  • Serves: 8
  • 1 pack ready made sweet pastry (I think you could prob also buy a ready made pie crust)
  • 500g raspberries (Approx 4 cups)... the more the merrier!! ..but maybe not quite so many as the photo above!! So there is a flat surface for the meringue!)
  • 6 egg whites
  • 300g caster sugar (Approx 1 & 1/3 cups of sugar)
  • 1 tsp cornflour
  • 2 tsp finely chopped pistachos

Preheat the oven to 170'C/ 325'F/ Gas Mark 3
Bring pastry to room temperature and roll out thinly
Then line an 20cm tart case with it.
2. Bake blind (She lined the inside of the tart case with greaseproof paper, then fill with dry
beans or lentils) for 20 minutes or until it turns golden around the edges. Remove the beans and bake for 5 minutes, until the bottom of the tart is cooked.

If you bought a ready made cooked pie crust then start here!

3. Cool the tart and then pile the raspberries into it.
4. Take a clean mixing bowl and crack in the egg whites. Whip until they form soft peaks, then gradually add the sugar spoonful by spoonful, until the mixture is thick and glossy. Add the cornflour and whisk for a further 3 minutes.
5. Turn the oven up to 200'C/ 400'F/ Gas Mark 6. Spoon the meringue over the raspberries and sprinkle with pistachios.
6. Place in the oven on the middle shelf, cook for 15 minutes or until golden brown, then take out and cool.

The tart raspberries with the sweet meringue and the thin pie crust are so good together!! And if you do what I did and forget to sprinkle the pistachios on before they go in the oven you can always sprinkle them before serving (although it looks more impressive if done properly!)

I tried to look on the web for a picture but it's nowhere to be found and my pie is pretty much gone!! Nathan took a big slice to work along with the left over paella! Tasty!

Thursday Part 2

After my filming Hilary came and picked me up. We had a great Starbucks chat in town and then did some perfume shopping- Hil's was getting a new perfume in Jo Malone (it is so lovely in there!) ......... such a treat!

She kindly took me to the Supermarket...(I had to return my company car when I left Brandbeat and I thought there is not much point in buying one as my next job may also come with a company car. I am enjoying walking places and we are so central but even being in the city centre I miss my car so much - especially when I have to go and get groceries

So to say thank you and as a chance to catch up I made us Paella and a tasty Rasberry Pistacho Merguine Pie (I'll post the recipe!) It was fun as Hil's was my Soux chef cutting all my veggies for me and I really had my spirits lifted!! It's amazing that good food and great friends can do that!

Thursday Part 1

I had to take a break from de-cluttering yesterday- truth be told I spend more time looking at it all- hands on hips wondering- 'how will I ever get this done!!!'

But Pete was in the studio with The Foodie Company's design team, Klaklak. He was making a corporate video for the website and potential investors and he asked me to say a few words- it's really nerve racking!

At first I mumbled and found it weird to be in front of the camera- but then I remembered my days in TV productions at Terry Parker High and so I went away and wrote a script. I came backin and in one take got it nailed!! Hooray! I really enjoyed it once I got into it and I wished I could have done it more!!

One thing though..... no offence to Pete... but both of us on camera looked like we like our food!! I guess it shows we are passionate foodies!! ... but I am going to the gym today... and every day hereafter!!! (mmmm... well see how long that lasts!!)

So I'll keep you posted on when the video will be up on the website and you can laugh at my serious business side!!....... I think I used my posh voice and everything!!! ;-)

Thursday, 17 April 2008


I am feeling really good that (minus the shelves- which don't arrive until June!! Boo hiss!) the back bedroom is all decorate and looks beautiful!! It is so tranquil and I am loving sitting in here! My mind feels free and I realized it's because it's not full of junk!!

The rest of the house is a mess and so I'm going to set myself a challenge for the next week... declutter!! This is a huge job for me as I am a massive hoarder! But I realize yesterday when Nathan asked if he could bring his electric organ from his parents into the back bedroom that I am taking up so much space!! .. there is no room for all his belongings! So I am going to try and sort through all my clothes and 50+ pairs of shoes and try really hard... hey I may even make some money on e-bay or at a car boot sale!

I read this on the i-village website!! It will be my mantra for the next week... or as long as it takes me to clear out our home!!

'We've grown up in a society where what we have is more important than what we do or who we are. The result is that the average person has twice as many possessions as their parents did. Our houses are crammed full of things and there is always something else we absolutely must have. But how much of this stuff is actually useful?

For the average person, 80 per cent of all possessions are only used 20 per cent of the time, if at all. Most of this excess junk could be chucked away and our lives would be none the poorer - precisely the opposite, in fact. The truth is, clutter wastes our time, increases stress, drains our finances, and it can even sap our energy and motivation in life - according to practitioners of Chinese medicine, too much junk around us stops the flow of energy (chi), leaving us feeling sluggish.'

I want to go from clutter to tranquil and relaxed!

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Foodie Boxes!

Whilst I am looking for my perfect job I am doing some consultancy work for my good friend Pete McLean. [My ideal job would be working for him full time but his business is just starting out!... he can't afford me quite yet!! ;-)]

Please have a nose at the foodieboxes website!

Foodieboxes launched in December 2007, providing new, exclusive and funky Scottish food hampers. Their wee Foodies have been out searching and tasting for the very best products Scotland has to offer

There are loads of exciting plans for this year and each time I meet with him I feel the momentum building!! It's so so exciting! We are going to be at the Highland Show, the foodie festival, The Good Food Show and Country Living Fair.

I'm loving being part of such a young innovative, enthusiastic company!! ... and tomorrow I get to say so on the company video he is creating!! Muchos fun!!

Welcome to my Blog!!

Well Blogs seem to be the word of the day!

I was in a meeting earlier today with Pete, who I am doing consultancy work for (more about that later!) and he was discussing setting up a blog!

Then I came home... and after much moving around of furniture (the spare room is almost ready!) I sat down to my computer to a lovely e-mail from Vicki Stansbury (so good to hear from her) and she has followed her gorgeous daughter (and my good friend) Heidi and set up a blog.

I love reading Heidi's blog... over the last couple of months it has become part of my morning ritual! Sitting with a cup of tea and reading over all Heidi's news... I have loved it!!

I take so many photos and it's getting to the stage where I can't scrapbook them all!! I am so behind! So here is the solution!!

I hope people log on and enjoy reading about little old me!! (I'll try and not talk too much!!)