Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Girlie night

Last night a few of us girls went round to Zara's house for nibbles. We had a great catch up and we all brought way too many nibbles to accompany Zara's delicious veggie soup and baked Camembert. I ate so much cheese! Oh well there goes the low dairy! (I have a mild intolerance and have noticed I drop weight when I don't eat it! Probably because the dairy I eat is usually in cheese, cream, chocolate etc!!)
Corinne and Zara
For desert Becky brought her chocolate fondue which went down very well. We had it with fruit- surely that makes it healthy!! No?
Becky, Hillary and I. The first pic I have been able to show you of my new hair. I have gone much darker- nearer to my natural colour. What I hear you say I am not a natural blonde!!??

There are some great pics that Becky took a couple of weekends ago but I need to download them from her. I am loving how much healthier my hair is without lots of bleach in it!

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