Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Walking along the Firth of Forth

I work in Leith in an area called The Shore. It is right where the Water of Leith (river) goes into the Firth of Forth (water estuary). My Dad also lives close to the Firth of Forth so I have been taking the opportunity of being closer to work to walk to and from my Dad's house along the waterfront.
Last night I walked along and stopped beside Newhaven Harbour. It was so calming sitting there and just washing away the stress of the day. It takes me about 45 minutes to walk the 2.2 miles but it means when I get home from work I am much less stressed. I think the water calms me!
Right beside my Dad's is the Wardie Steps which come up from Granton Harbour. You can look back over the harbour and it just looks beautiful.

I hope I can keep this up all of August. I think it will be good for my fitness and mental well being!

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