Friday, 21 August 2009

An Update

I have been lost without my blogging this past week although I have enjoyed being away from my work computer screen. I have felt very relaxed and that is really what I needed.

I am babysitting tonight so I am using the families laptop (with permission of course) It has been so good catching up on everyone's posts.

I have had a lovely week off work. I have done so many errands and caught up with a lot of paperwork plus Nathan and I have spent a lot of time together. We have done a lot of free activities and then seem to have then spent all our money on food!! I am the size of a whale and excited to sort out my fitness, exercise and food regime in the coming weeks.

I have lots to blog about too... and loads of photos. It may take a while for me to get back up to speed with all my work will be throwing at me. Next week is also going to be a bit of a tough week.

I have some very sad news. My Grandad Jimmy passed away this morning. He has not been well for a very long time. He slipped away peacefully.

So it has been quite a day.

I have been lucky enough at the age of 29 to still have had all my Grandparents living. So it is a little strange but we all have mixed emotions as he has been slipping away for a long time.

The funeral will no doubt be next week so I will have quite a bit on my plate. I am just going to try and help my Dad as much as possible.

I saw my Grandma today and she is doing okay. We knew it may have happened in the coming weeks and because of that I was looking at photos of my Grandparents and my sister and I this morning. Bizarrely I was showing Nathan photos of us at about the time my Grandad died in his nursing home.

I have so many happy memories of my times with him and my Grandma that I can't help but smile when I think of festival parades, breakfast in the garden, the ice cream man, walks on portobello promenade, Kirsty their dog, meeting so many local people on the promenade and waiting whilst he talked to everyone and told them a joke or two, my Grandad's butchers shop, going down for sausages on a Saturday, his bryll creamed hair, benson and hedges, soda streams, gladioli, roses, daffodils all over his garden, the Rowen trees, him sunbathing in his vest and panama hat, only ever eating meat and potatoes, ice cream and tinned fruit, cups of tea with sugar, reading the Evening News, watching Hearts football team, sitting in his chair by the fire with the sheepskin rug in front of it, the sweetie bowl in the front room, licorice all-sorts, chocolate, telling bad jokes that he always laughed at himself, his sense of humour is the thing I will remember most! When he would laugh and his suntanned face would wrinkle up by his eyes and he'd giggle.

It all makes me smile. I know that his funeral gathering will also be filled with similar stories and tales of how he effected other peoples lives.

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carine said...

Lovely to have you back Jennie, so sorry to hear your sad news. Your post is lovely though and filled with happy memories - I'll be thinking of you and your family through the week.

Take care,