Monday, 24 August 2009

Tuesday 18th

I was so glad of having some time off as it gave me a chance to go up to Perth and visit my lovely friend Kate and her two gorgeous boys, Alexander and Charlie. Charlie is my Godson and I haven't seen them in ages as I have been working so much. Kate is a doctor in Ninewells Hospital in Dundee and she has been working crazy hours too... she is now back to a 3 day week and is delighted to have more time with her boys.

We tried to get them both to keep their eyes open when looking the camera but without fail one of them had their eyes closed or wasn't looking at the camera! It ended up being a big game!!
I love this photo. Charlie looks so angelic and Alexander is being a wee monkey in the background! he he!
Alexander finally gave me a big smile!!

Kate and I had a wee cup of tea when I arrived and we (mostly me- there is a suprise) talked about all our news. It was so good to catch up!

Then we went into town to have a tasty lunch in the Bothy. After which we did a wee bit of shopping- although I was very good and restrained! We then picked up the boys from nursery and went back to the house for another cup of tea and cupcakes (which I bought from M&S) for everyone! It was such a lovely day!

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