Monday, 24 August 2009

Monday 17th

Most of our weeks holiday was spent eating! We weren't even good and tried new places- we went for commercial and fattening! We were on holiday though!!

On Monday I met my Dad's friend Anne for lunch and had a lovely long catch up with her in Coffee Angel in Cannonmills. It was mobbed! Full of people on lap tops working away, Mummy's with big pushchairs but it was a nice atmosphere and they had good coffee and Croque Monsieur!

After lunch I met Nathan and we went to the National Galleries and looked around the Scottish exhibition which included Ross Gillespie and Tricia Malley's photography exhibition celebrating the life of Burns and his influence on currently well known Scots. It was really good and I hadn't realised my company had been involved. Click here to read more: As others see us

We then wondered up the Royal Mile and met our festival letter, Pamela. She has a stall infront of St Giles and seems to have been doing really well- which is great. Hopefully she'll come back next year too!

We then walked down to the Grassmarket and had tea in Mamma's pizzeria. It was great as there was a brass band playing just along the way so we had fun live music playing in the background as we ate our spicy pizza!

It was one of those evenings where there is great sunshine and it just brightens up an otherwise dreary day (weather wise)

We then walked along to the cinema and saw Pelham 123. It was okay but I kind of owed Nathan a boy movie after seeing The Time Travellers wife.

An action packed first day of our holiday!

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