Monday, 24 August 2009

Thursday 20th- Morning

Thursday brought a lot of errands. I went to the dentist... finally I decided to wave goodbye to my money and get my teeth checked out. I really like my dentist and we have always gone to a private dentist... are NHS dentists that bad??? Not sure I could get one if I tried though.

I was pleasantly surprised as after 2 years I only have to get a wee fisher seal. I do however have to get my poor dead tooth re whitened... or get a the bleaching from 5 years ago is wearing off. My dentist made me a plan and it was like she could see the £ signs!!

I am also going to try a wee contraption to try and prevent me from grinding my teeth when I sleep and hopefully prevent my migraines! I am willing to try anything at the moment!

I am sure you are currently bored stuff but hey if you have nothing better to do have a peep here.

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