Monday, 10 August 2009


What a busy weekend!

On Friday I stayed overnight at Becky's and we had a girlie evening with Amber and Hillary. It was so nice to see Amber and Hillary, who I haven't had a proper catch up with in ages!

Then on Saturday afternoon Nathan and I went to the Botanics for a picnic. I love, love, love the botanics it is my favourite place in Edinburgh. After our picnic we lay in the grass and had a snooze and then lay watching the clouds go by! So relaxing!

The beautiful Glasshouses in the Botanics. I am really excited as they are holding another event similar to the Chinese lantern event that Nathan and I loved. This event is all about sound, music and light. I can't wait!
We sat beside the borders to have our picnic, although afterwards we saw a sign saying no picnicking! oops! I guess they want to keep the Botanics litter free. We were very good though and recycled our bottles and rubbish.
I love the Queen Mother's garden near the north entrance. Currently the Botanics is building a new building at the West Gate so they have had to open up the North gate and this has meant much more love for this part of the property.
The Queen Mother's garden is full of roses. I adore roses. Roses, Peonies and Sweet Peas!
There was also a beautiful collection of thistles in the Queen Mother's garden. The Thistle is Scotland's National flower.
On Saturday evening Nathan and I celebrated Ramin's birthday with Ramin and Kells. We started off in the Pleasance and then moved onto Bristol Square in the evening. It was just me and the boys. The Festival gives Edinburgh such a buzz and all these venues are transformed into great arts venues, with plays, comedy, dance etc all happening in the weirdest and most unusual venues. Everything becomes about the festival. I just love the outdoor drinking and socializing venues. We were going to go to Hullaballoa which has taken over from the Spiegel tent but the queue was too big. It looked beautiful though- lots of Chinese lanterns in the trees (love that!)
Finally on Sunday Nathan and I went to the movies to see the 'Ugly Truth' with handsome Gerard Butler- it was good but I didn't enjoy it as much as I liked the Proposal.

Then after having tea with my Dad I went babysitting for a couple of hours. I watched Revolutionary Road on DVD and unfortunately the parents came home just before it finished so I never got to watch the end! I will need to rent it out again so I can see the rest.

An action packed fun weekend. Now I just have one more week till I am on holiday for 9 days in a row (including the weekend though!) I can't wait! Staycation here we come!!

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