Friday, 11 September 2009

Corinne's 30th Birthday Tea

Corinne, Ali, Becky and Hillary.... Becky hosted Corinne's birthday tea and each of us brought a dish.
Ali, Corinne, Hillary, Zara, Becky and Kelly.
As ever we had loads of food! pizza, salad, gorgeous leek and potato soup that Becky made from ingredients from Dougie's Dad's garden, Camenbert (Zara brought this and popped it into the oven- it was delicious!), chicken dippers, coconut chicken, loads of nibbles and of course the sweet treats!
I made lemon fairy cakes (above) thinking like the old school cakes we made when we were little! Becky also did a brilliant job and made chocolate cupcakes- they were so indulgent. She had even put our names on a cup cake for each of us! So cute!
Corinne's cake made by Becky.
Corinne with her crown on and blowing some birthday bubbles.
After his rugby training Dougie joined us for some food.
Me and Zara with our cakes.
I have no make up on as I cycled home from work to Becky's house. It took me an hour on the cycle path. I chose this route as it is the old railway track and is flat all the way from my work to near Becky and I's house- although having done no exercise in a long time I was exhausted and very sweaty! I did it though! I even had the un-iced fairy cakes and coconut chicken in my panniers along with a lemon, icing sugar and sprinkles to complete my contribution to the evening.
Becky and Ali. Ali has been staying with Becky for a wee while as she is over from Canada planning her next move for her future. It is so lovely to see her and spend time with her.
Hillary, Corinne and Kelly.

We had such a nice evening catching up, eating loads and giggling. I think it's so funny that all our get together's revolve around food! I wouldn't have it any other way!

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C Hol said...

This is just terrific. What a host!