Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Saturday Afternoon

After cycling down to visit my Dad for a wee cup of tea and a catch up I went to watch Nathan play at Goldenacre against Heriots. After their game I watched the 1st team play and my Dad came up and joined us at the game.

There were all the usual suspects in attendance but we have a new supporter. Isla Burns, Pete and Annabelle's daughter was attending her second rugby game- not bad for being only 6 weeks old!
Isla with her Mummy, Annabelle and also Emily watching the rugby at Goldenacre.
After the game Nathan and I still had our bikes so we had to cycle back- ggrr! That's the bad bit when you forget you have to go up the hill- especially at Comley Bank for those of you that know- it's tough and quite steep! What a view.... looking onto Raeburn Place (home of Accies) and Edinburgh castle in the background. I love the city we live in- it's gorgeous!
Nathan on our cycle home.
Me looking daft with my helmet on.... having cycled over the course of the week over 50 miles! I'm quite impressed with myself. Long may it continue!

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