Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Past weekend!

On Friday night Nathan took me out for dinner which was so fun! We went to Tex Mex II it was so tasty! We even shared a jug of frozen margaritas- delicious!

It is a really relaxed wee place and although the decor is pretty basic this adds to it's charm. The food was really good and our (well Nathan's) bill was very reasonable. The pitcher was £11.95 and we got 6 drinks out of it!! Bargain!

It was so nice to be treated to dinner. Here's hoping there is more of that to come! ;-)

On Saturday morning we were up really early. I used to sleep in loads at the weekend but now I only have 2 days off and have to work such long hours during the week I am so keen for as many waking hours to do what I want that I try not to squander any of the weekend. It's so different working in an office always at your desk. I am so used to being out and about and travelling around the country.
Nathan with the Saturday morning paper and our pot of coffee... it was so nice just laying on the couch together reading and relaxing. We must be getting old- I never used to think this was a luxury!
Nathan was playing rugby over at the West of Scotland so he had to leave in the early afternoon. I then joined Becky, Corinne and our friend Ali to watch Dougie play at Goldenacre. His team, Watsonian's won, which was great as they had been trailing early in the game. Dougie was also mentioned in an article in the Edinburgh paper this week. Click here to read more.

It was so sunny at the rugby ground so we really enjoyed the game. My Dad was also there so we got to catch up with him after his trip to Cornwall with my Mum- it sounded amazing and I really would love to go there!

By Saturday evening I already had the blues about going back to work... I have so much work on and there is just never enough time to enjoy the weekends!

I did have a lovely day on Saturday which ended with dinner with Becky, Dougie, Zara and Mark.

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