Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Wii Games West Ferryfield 2009

Coups and Leona had their themed flat warming party this past weekend. I LOVED their theme- Wii Games. We were all told to dress for the event we wished to compete- either tennis, golf, swimming, boxing or running.

When we arrived they kick started the Games with golf. It looked pretty hard although there were some pros- who clearly play the Wii quite a lot!

Coups and Leona had gone to so much effort and had medals made for each competition! It was awesome! It also meant everyone got involved.

Their flat is beautiful and I think it's safe to say it was well and truely broken in!
Becky and Dougie
Wendy and I (I had on my school tennis gear from when I used to play in Florida- such good memories!)
Ed, Greg and Charlie. Vicki, Jackie, Wendy and Emily
Zara playing some golf. She got the bronze medal and Ross, who is standing behind her got a silver.
Becky with all her tennis gear on.
Hendy and Lorna dressed for the games!
Me competing at tennis. We played tennis doubles and then played against each other for the final medals. Becky and I played together and the Landels girls did well till we lost in the final!
Wendy, Vicki, Me and Becky playing in the first round.
Becky looking the part in her tennis skort. (is that how you say it Zaz? Shorts and a skirts in one!)
The Hornibrook's younger sister, Jackie had driven over earlier that day with her boyfriend Pete and they both scooped gold! Jackie won the tennis and Pete the golf. 2-0 to the Irish so we needed to win back more points!
Bronze, Silver and Gold winners in the tennis. Becky, Me and Jackie with our medals.
Next up was the boxing where Jimmy O was playing the host, Coups... it was a great build up!
Rocky eat your heart out!
Warm up for the running event!
Look at the energy that is being used! Talk about effort!
The Hornibrook girls- Jackie, Zara and Vicki with Emily Teague.
The swimming warm up- Greg vs Nathan!
Greg's outfit had tummy control but that wasn't really where he needed the control! Dear, oh dear!
Nathan and I with our silver medals.
Nathan and Greg with their medals.
Zara and Mark
Ed and Wendy Stu and Vicki
The host gives the hostess a medal for all of her effort and after a bit of heckling she got a very big kiss too! I brilliant night was had by all.... so much fun! So watch this space there may be a Wii Games 2010!

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