Friday, 11 September 2009

My new cycle to work bike!

I know I don't look particularly attractive but I am so excited to have my new bike! The cycle to work scheme voucher arrived earlier this week so I could go and pick up my bike and cycling gear from Alpine Bikes on Wednesday evening.

Nathan met me in Stockbridge at the bike shop and we rode the water of leith track home via Roseburn. It was so lovely and I had never been down that part of track. It was also an easy way to ease me into my cycling!
Nathan and I by the Water of Leith on our bikes.
We stopped to take a breath (I needed it more than Nathan!) and we took in the pretty view.

My bike in full view.... With my cycle to work scheme voucher I also got pannier bags- which are very handy for putting my handbag in, change of clothes for work, lunch etc and it means I don't have to have a heavy rucksack on my back.
My cycling chum! Nathan was really good on the Thursday morning and helped me out as I negotiated the roads from our house to my office. It was easier than I thought (mainly because it is all down hill to work!) and I felt reasonably safe. I have my very high viz jacket because I figure that makes me more visible to drivers. So wish me luck as I navigate the roads and cycle paths of Edinburgh! Hooray!!

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