Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Weekend 6th and 7th September

Well in the last few weeks with everything that has been going on I feel like I haven't caught up with the girls. Also Hillary has been sick with tonsillitis a number of times in the last few months so has been off the radar for ages. Therefore I was delighted to get together with her on 3 occasions over the weekend!

On Friday night, my last night at my Dad's I went round for some wine and pizza with Hillary and her boyfriend Connor. It was so good to catch up and hear all her news as well as update her on all my goings on.

On Saturday morning Becky kindly dropped off her car to my Dad's so I could move my belongings back to the flat.
It is SO SO SO SO good to be back home. Our festival letters have, as they did last year left the flat in fantastic condition! I felt really bad as they left on Monday last week so by the time we moved back in at the weekend the gorgeous huge bouquet of flowers they had left me had wilted! Such a shame as they would have looked beautiful!

I am however sad to be leaving my Dad's house after staying for a month. I am so glad I was there- it's always nice to be back in my childhood home spending time with my Dad. I am also going to miss the central heating massively!

After getting everything back in the flat, I dashed back out again and went for lunch with Hillary and Emma at Urban Angel. I love Urban Angel and you would too... take a look at my raspberry and chocolate desert! (I only had a small portion for my main so it's kind of ok- right?) It was served with coconut ice cream! Yum Yum Yum!!
Later that evening we ventured out again for Corinne's 30th Birthday. I don't know if it was something I ate (maybe too much!!) but I felt very queasy and hot- so we didn't stay later than midnight but it was good to see Corinne looking beautiful and so tanned after her wee holiday. She had a lot of lovely people turn up to celebrate with her, including Hillary, Connor, Nathan and I, Mark and Zara (Becky and Dougie were sadly at another event)
Hillary and Mark making faces!
Zara and Nathan
The Birthday Girl with her Gossip Girl hair and me looking very hot and red- nice!
Hillary, Mark, Nathan and Connor.

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